Privus for BlackBerry

The true Caller ID you enjoy on your BlackBerry just got a whole lot better. Privus Mobile for BlackBerry v4.0 introduces real-time*, audible name identification for nearly every call you receive and is the perfect application to keep you connected, no matter what your mobile needs are.
The application, which uses a patented technology to communicate with landline Caller ID networks for ultimate accuracy, is the only true method of caller identification for mobile phones. Privus Mobile for BlackBerry v4.0 maintains its original features including the reverse call look-up application so that you can look up any number any time, and adds real-time, audible alerts when a call is coming through as well as identifying incoming text message senders regardless of whether or not they are in your phonebook.
  • Caller ID – Allows users to see the name associated with any incoming call on their BlackBerry smartphone—not just those already in the contact list
  • Text ID – Displays the name associated with incoming text messages—not just those already in the contact list
  • Voice Cue – Announces the name of callers from the user’s contact list and from Privus Mobile’s real-time Caller ID for callers not already in the contact list to allow for true hands-free operation
  • Caller Name Look-up – Enables users to look up the name associated with any telephone number through one of the world’s most comprehensive caller information databases from Accudata Technologies
The application works for any BlackBerry model and is the perfect way to keep you connected, whether you’re a busy mom or you own an entire company. The package is available through BlackBerry App World, Handango, Handmark or in a variety of packages to suit your needs. For less than the cost of what you’re paying for landline Caller ID, you can know who’s calling or texting you on your mobile phone everywhere you go.

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*Due to simultaneous data and voice constraints on CDMA networks, Privus Mobile will announce the caller information wile ringing on BlackBerry devices compatible with 3G GSM networks such as AT&T and T-Mobile. Users on other carriers will receive the notification after the call or text message is received.