Tuesday, May 26, 2009

AT&T to unleash a slew of handsets in 2009

Wow! The onslaught of new devices coming to AT&T seems to be never-ending! Engadget brings word of four new Nokia handsets. Three of these are dumbphones, and the fourth is a full-QWERTY Symbian S60 3.2 device called the Mako. The HTC devices are said to hit AT&T shelves in 2009 as well as the BlackBerry Onyx, which is basically the Curve 8900. BlackBerry also brings a refreshed version of the Bold with touchscreen and GPS capabilities called the Magnum. If 3G isn’t your thing, you can get the BlackBerry Gemini – a stripped down version of the Bold that runs on AT&T’s beloved Edge network.

If you’ll remember, HTC brought the Windows Mobile “Fortress” and “Warhawk” to Mobile World Congress back in February – these devices are essentially the Touch Pro2and Touch Diamond2 respectively. There are some additional Windows Mobile 6.5 devices headed to the network. HP is rumored to bring the iPAQ K3 (Obsidian), while LG is said to bring its high-end full-screen QWERTY slideout, the Monaco.

But wait, there’s more. Palm shows AT&T some webOS lovin’ with the Palm EOS. This device is the Palm Pre without the slide-out QWERTY. Last but not least, Motorola is said to bring its slide-out QWERTY Android device, the Heron. Of course you want photos – here are the slides captured by the guys over at Engadget.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Privus Mobile’s Caller ID Technology Lands on Apple’s iPhone

iPrivus gives iPhone users the power to lookup who’s calling

Dallas – May 18, 2009Privus Mobile, America’s most popular Mobile Caller ID provider, has taken its innovative cellular technology and created an application for America’s most popular phone, the Apple® iPhone™. iPrivus is the fastest, easiest and most accurate reverse caller lookup application on the market. The easy-to-use iPhone solution, now available at the App Store, enables users to input any complete phone number and quickly receive the person’s or company’s name registered to the number. After receiving a call from a number not in your contact list, iPrivus helps identify who just called, empowering users to make better decisions about handling missed calls from numbers not recognized.

Additionally, iPrivus can be used to identify unknown calls on your home or business landline phones as well as numbers received via text message that carrier Caller ID services do not identify. iPrivus can lookup any telephone number – even some international numbers with their appropriate country codes – that you choose to put into your iPhone.

“Whether you screen calls on your iPhone or just ignore them, that same question pops up every time you see a number without a name,” said Privus Mobile President Greg Smith. “How many times have you stared at a telephone number and asked yourself, ‘whose number is this?’ iPhone users now have an answer to that question. We’ve taken our innovative Mobile Caller ID technology and created iPrivus – a helpful iPhone App for anyone who’s ever received a phone call and wondered who it could be. Whether it’s calling an old friend back, ignoring an old flame or choosing to block a telemarketer, iPrivus lets you decide what to do with the numbers you don’t initially recognize.”

Similar to Privus Mobile’s original Mobile Caller ID service for cell phones, iPrivus customers can purchase a year’s subscription at the App Store. In addition to the iPhone, iPrivus also works on a Wi-Fi-connected iPod touch.

· To check out iPrivus in action, click here.
· Fans can find Privus Mobile on Facebook and Twitter.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Privus Mobile’s ‘Harry Sasquatch’ Commercial Wins Telly Award

Privus Mobile, America’s most popular Mobile Caller ID provider, was recently honored with a prestigious Telly Award. Privus Mobile was a Bronze recipient for its first television commercial, “Harry Sasquatch,” in the Telecommunications/Internet Service category. The Telly Awards is the premier award honoring outstanding local, regional and cable TV commercials and programs; the finest film and video productions; and groundbreaking web commercials, videos and films. With over 13,000 entries annually, winners represent the best work of the most respected advertising agencies, production companies, television stations, cable operators and corporate video departments in the world.

The commercial, crafted by marketing firm M/C/C, depicts a man being harassed by a sasquatch on his cell phone. Whether at home, in the gym or hanging out with friends, the average Joe can’t seem to rid himself of prank calls from the hairy jokester. After downloading Privus Mobile’s unique Caller ID service onto his cell phone, the man can see Sasquatch’s information and decides against answering the call.

“The ‘Harry Sasquatch’ commercial is an excellent example of Privus Mobile’s Caller ID service, and we are thrilled to have it, and M/C/C, recognized for creativity and effectiveness,” said Privus Mobile President Greg Smith. “The true beauty of the commercial is that it really demonstrates how you can better manage calls to your smartphone. No more looking at that 10-digit number and asking yourself, ‘Should I or shouldn’t I?’ With all the familiarities of landline Caller ID service without the hidden charges, Privus Mobile is an affordable solution for call screeners, business professionals, students and anyone else who likes to know who’s calling.”
Privus Mobile is now available to more than 225 smartphones on more than 30 international network carriers. Customers can download a free trial on Privus Mobile’s Web site at www.privusmobile.com or by visiting mobile marketplaces like Mobile2Day, Handango, Handmark and BlackBerry App World.

• To check out the Privus Mobile “Harry Sasquatch” commercial, click here.
• Fans can find Privus Mobile on Facebook and Twitter.
About Privus Mobile

I D YOU LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Accudata Technologies, has launched the industry-first Privus Mobile service, which provides real Caller ID service to wireless handsets, giving users greater control over who they talk to and when. Privus Mobile is available for Windows Mobile and BlackBerry devices through Handango, Handmark, Privus Mobile’s Web site, Mobile2Day, the BerryStore and BlackBerry App World.

I D YOU LLC, which is focused on providing the most comprehensive Caller ID service available, is headquartered in Allen, Texas. For more information, visit www.privusmobile.com.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Privus Mobile Caller ID for your BlackBerry

Thanks to Ryan over at CrackBerry for this great review!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Real Estate Broker Stays One-step Ahead with Privus Mobile

Michael’s business phone is flooded with calls. As a real estate broker for Real eVentures, this is to be expected. You see, in his line of work, it’s expected that his HTC Touch HD smartphone on the T-Mobile network hardly rests. It’s expected that 30 calls per day, most of which are from unknown numbers, is considered the norm. If Michael’s situation sounds familiar, it’s because most professionals in this mobile society rely on their cell phone as a direct point of contact for business operations, resulting in millions disrupting their busy schedules to answer unwanted calls. What most people do not expect is a solution.

Michael searched the Web for smartphone applications geared toward his Windows Mobile operating system. While on Handango, he searched the mobile marketplace for a solution and ran across Privus Mobile. Michael proceeded to the Privus Mobile site, where he read up on the company and its mobile Caller ID service. There he found an answer to his dilemma – an application that actually allowed him to see the caller’s information in real-time, despite not having the number in his contact list. With Privus Mobile’s free 10-day trial, he decided to test the service. After some early difficulties with the trial, Michael contacted Privus Mobile and the support staff was able to quickly remedy the situation.

“Privus Mobile was very responsive to my only problem with installing the service on my phone,” he said. “In my case, there was a difficulty with registering my Privus account, and Privus helped me solve the problem right away. Installing Privus on the phone, rather than in the storage card, improved the Privus response. Privus Mobile gives a very high level of attention to customer satisfaction.”

Now Michael is able to better manage his calls, especially the ones from numbers he didn’t previously recognize. Michael said Privus Mobile allows him to see the caller’s information on more than 85 percent of his calls. It’s also enhancing his business communications.

“Several times, I would be engaged on a call when another call came in, and Privus Mobile identified the call waiting as a caller whom I did not wish to answer at that moment. It allows for smoother conversations,” Michael said. “Also, in my business, there are plenty of opportunities for ‘junk calls’ from advertisers and promoters that are annoying and can interfere with my business communications. Privus Mobile allows me to screen out those calls.”

Like Brian in Iowa, Michael realizes the advantages of better management of calls in the realty industry. He’s passing along his positive experience not only to those working in real estate, but to anyone looking for the answer to unknown calls.

“Privus Mobile’s Caller ID is an extremely useful tool for private and business use,” he said. “Just like the advent of landline Caller ID, Privus accomplishes the same for smartphones and saves the subscriber many instances of answering unwanted, annoying or trivial calls on their cell phone. Subscribers now have the opportunity to prioritize the increasing volume of cell phone communications while maintaining a degree of privacy.

“Call screening is essential to anyone relying on their cell phone as an important medium of communication. I highly recommend Privus Mobile’s Caller ID service to everyone using a smartphone.”