Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Privus Mobile Impresses Judges at CTIA Wireless

It should come as no surprise that Privus Mobile, our beloved mobile Caller ID application for smartphones, impressed judges at the recent CTIA wireless convention in Las Vegas. The company entered AT&T’s fifth annual “Open Call – Apps For All!” contest and was chosen as a semifinalist to present their Caller ID application to a panel of judges at CTIA Wireless 2010. The contest, designed to identify the country’s most innovative wireless applications, was divided into four categories: Brew Mobile Platform (BMP), Android, Java & RIM, and an “Open” category reviewing applications and content of all platforms. Privus Mobile finished in the Top 20 at the Open Call contest and placed in the Top 5 in the Java & RIM category. You can view the full press release from Privus Mobile here.

As a first time entry, Privus Mobile earned a top ranking among hundreds of talented developers with its simplistic, accurate and useful design. As part of its demonstration, Privus Mobile showcased how the application works to identify all calls from unknown numbers on smartphones and how easy it is to lookup caller information and save it in the contacts list. The judges and conference attendees at CTIA wireless were able to see firsthand the true luxury of having better call management with Privus Mobile, an application that many of us have been enjoying since its 2008 launch.

The “Open Call - Apps For All!” contest was open to any developer who wished to present new and exciting applications that may ultimately find their way into the handsets of AT&T’s wireless customers. As you may already know, Privus Mobile works on more than 30 devices on AT&T's network as well as major operating systems such as Apple, RIM, Symbian S60, Android and Windows Mobile. Smartphone users can download the complete application with a 10-day free trial on their devices through Privus Mobile’s mobile site at www.privusmobile.mobi, the BlackBerry App Store or any of the numerous mobile application dealers. Additionally, Privus Mobile’s iPhone application, iPrivus, can be found at Apple’s App Store.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Customers Vote Privus Mobile as 2009 ‘Product of the Year’

Our favorite mobile caller ID provider and sponsor, Privus Mobile was duly awarded for its service and performance across all major operating systems with Biz-News.com’s 2009 “Product of the Year” in the smartphone category.

Biz-News, a technology blog that covers consumer electronic business news, took a vote amongst its readers in January for their favorite smartphone, HDTV, VoIP and storage products, and Privus Mobile, powered by Accudata Technologies, emerged victorious in the smartphone category. This award is a well-deserved honor for Privus Mobile, in addition to receiving “Best Blackberry Evolution” in the 2008 Handango Champion Awards and its nomination for the 2009 Champion Award for “Best Android Phone Tool.”

Privus Mobile launched their Caller ID service when the company identified a need for better call management capabilities. North American landline users and nearly the entire European market had never seen a caller ID service capable of identifying up to 95 percent of caller’s that aren’t already in a phone’s contact list. So, it should come as no surprise that a service which enables customers to take advantage of a wide range of benefits, including increased privacy, call screening, ID protection and a quick-save feature, should be voted as product of the year by the very people for who the application was created.

As I’m sure your intrigue has peaked at this point about Privus Mobile and its caller ID service, users can download the complete application with a 10-day free trial on their devices through Privus Mobile’s mobile site at www.privusmobile.mobi, the Blackberry App store or any other mobile application vendors.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

WebOS 1.4 Update Helps Palm Catch-up in Smartphone Arena

Since launching its new line of smartphones a few months ago, Palm has taken considerable steps to remain competitive in this ever-advancing market. Little advantage has come from Palm’s strategy in partnering up with Sprint and Verizon, two wireless providers who either lack in smartphone customers (Sprint) or already have quite a few options available (Verizon).

The WebOS 1.4 update was much needed after initial impressions of Palm Pre’s features were nothing to cheer about. Many users loved the idea of such a revolutionary OS, but experienced hardware issues, such as wobbly screen display and random shutdowns that quickly led to frustration. Not to mention the absence of many user friendly features that smartphone users have come to expect, like application launch status and better hyper-linking to phone numbers embedded in e-mails or text messages.

With the WebOS 1.4 update, Palm Pre and Palm Pixi Plus users are benefiting from tons of improvements, including video recording, editing and uploading capabilities, customization of calendar notifications, full hyperlink support for phone numbers and email addresses in Calendar, Memos, Web browser and Email applications, grouping of multiple calls from the same person in call history and custom ringtones. Additionally, WebOS 1.4 has improved Bluetooth headset support for conference calls, email sorting features, more user friendly web browsing and SMS messaging.

With that said, Palm still has a long way to go if it plans to surpass the competition. Though its improvements through WebOS 1.4 were much needed, Palm is still battling the timing issue. If a smartphone developer attempts to position its device as the latest and greatest, it is essential to not only introduce something new and unseen, but it also has to work. Palm didn’t necessarily do that with WebOS. And it’s merely playing catch-up to the competition for the time being.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Privus Mobile Launches New Enterprise Service for Businesses

Privus Mobile, the premiere mobile Caller ID application that business professionals, sales representatives and real estate agents can’t function without, is launching a new corporate enterprise service. Privus Mobile has set the standard for mobile Caller ID and now is making it easier for business professionals and entire sales teams to benefit from Caller ID screening and caller name lookup services on company smartphones.

Companies and sales teams of all sizes who take advantage of Privus Mobile’s special volume licensing rates and support for IT deployment will be able to easily push the service out without having to purchase it for each individual phone. Corporate enterprise customers will be able to dramatically improve customer service, strengthen sales leads and better manage daily tasks with the ability to see the full caller details of incoming calls from unknown numbers. They also can input any complete phone number and quickly receive the name and company name of the person registered to the number with Privus Mobile.

To top off the launch of its new corporate enterprise service, Privus Mobile also received the AT&T Enterprise Solution Certification and can now be found in the AT&T Certified Solutions Catalog. AT&T tested, certified and approved Privus Mobile’s placement alongside its other trusted enterprise applications.

We’ve all enjoyed increased privacy and control with mobile Caller ID, and now Privus Mobile is sharing the wealth and making it simple for all professionals to experience the luxury of better call management. If you’ve been missing out on mobile Caller ID, you can download the complete application with a 10-day free trial on your smartphone through Privus Mobile’s mobile site at www.privusmobile.mobi, the BlackBerry App Store or any of the numerous mobile application dealers, including Handango, Handmark and Mobile2Day.

Privus Mobile Launches Enterprise Service and Volume Licensing

Pretty interesting development from our favorite mobile Caller ID provider (and sponsor): The app developer has just opened up it’s a new service offering specifically for enterprise customers and got AT&T’s blessing to coincide with the launch! Now, entire companies can deploy Caller ID to all of its users smartphones with special volume licensing rates. Privus also opened up new support options for IT deployments as part of their new enterprise services.

Overall, it’s a pretty interesting development for the application and something that I think a lot of businesses could benefit from. With so many professionals switching to their mobile being their primary lifeline, Privus becomes necessary rather than just convenient. Throw in AT&T’s recent Enterprise Solutions Certification for the app and you’ve got a pretty nice, trustworthy package to provide to sales staff.

You can check out additional info on the new services at http://www.privusmobile.com/caller-id-business.html . How many of you are in the same boat as this guy?