Tuesday, May 26, 2009

AT&T to unleash a slew of handsets in 2009

Wow! The onslaught of new devices coming to AT&T seems to be never-ending! Engadget brings word of four new Nokia handsets. Three of these are dumbphones, and the fourth is a full-QWERTY Symbian S60 3.2 device called the Mako. The HTC devices are said to hit AT&T shelves in 2009 as well as the BlackBerry Onyx, which is basically the Curve 8900. BlackBerry also brings a refreshed version of the Bold with touchscreen and GPS capabilities called the Magnum. If 3G isn’t your thing, you can get the BlackBerry Gemini – a stripped down version of the Bold that runs on AT&T’s beloved Edge network.

If you’ll remember, HTC brought the Windows Mobile “Fortress” and “Warhawk” to Mobile World Congress back in February – these devices are essentially the Touch Pro2and Touch Diamond2 respectively. There are some additional Windows Mobile 6.5 devices headed to the network. HP is rumored to bring the iPAQ K3 (Obsidian), while LG is said to bring its high-end full-screen QWERTY slideout, the Monaco.

But wait, there’s more. Palm shows AT&T some webOS lovin’ with the Palm EOS. This device is the Palm Pre without the slide-out QWERTY. Last but not least, Motorola is said to bring its slide-out QWERTY Android device, the Heron. Of course you want photos – here are the slides captured by the guys over at Engadget.

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