Monday, June 8, 2009

Privus Mobile’s Caller ID Service Now Available on Nokia Smartphones

Privus Mobile makes mobile Caller ID technology accessible to millions of Symbian S60 operating system users on Nokia, Samsung, Panasonic smartphones

Dallas – June 8, 2009Privus Mobile, America’s most popular Mobile Caller ID provider, brings its innovative real-time Caller ID service to current Nokia smartphones as well as several devices from Samsung, Panasonic, Lenova and LG using the Symbian S60 operating system. Privus Mobile adds Symbian to its Caller ID service that already includes Apple, Windows Mobile, Research in Motion (RIM) and Android operating systems for smartphones. Now users of the Symbian S60 operating system on more than 80 newly approved smartphones can take advantage of Privus Mobile’s ability to display the caller’s information on phone numbers not currently stored in the contact list.

As the first cross-carrier, real-time Caller ID solution in the world, Privus Mobile has helped thousands of mobile users achieve the same level of Caller ID service that landline phones have had for years. Privus Mobile leverages its access to live telephone-number databases – used by some of the world’s most popular landline carriers – to provide Privus Mobile users with fresh caller information. Even if it’s a cell phone-to-cell phone call, Privus Mobile identifies the caller on more than 85 percent of the calls.

With its new Symbian offering, Privus Mobile is now available to more than 225 smartphones on more than 30 international network carriers. It’s the preferred Caller ID solution for business professionals, students and on-the-go individuals.

“We’ve just opened the door for millions of smartphone users around the globe to receive Caller ID service for their cell phones; that’s an amazing accomplishment,” said Privus Mobile President Greg Smith. “With Privus Mobile, Nokia smartphone customers and those using Symbian OS devices now have the power to know who’s calling without having to answer the phone, check voicemail or call the person back. The average cell phone user is deprived of unknown caller’s names. It’s time they knew who’s on the other end of the line. It’s time they knew Privus Mobile.”

Unlike the United States, most Europeans have never experienced Caller ID service, even to landline phones. With Privus Mobile, European customers have the ability to receive real-time calling information for the first time. In addition, all Privus Mobile customers have the unique quick-save functionality that allows users to instantly save the caller’s information to their phonebook with a push of a button.

On average, landline phone bills include a $10 monthly fee for Caller ID, nearly double the monthly cost of Privus Mobile. A free trial of the service is available at Privus Mobile’s Web site ( Additionally, Privus Mobile is available for Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Android devices through Handango, Handmark, Privus Mobile’s Web site, the BerryStore and BlackBerry App World. Privus Mobile’s iPhone application, iPrivus, is available at the App Store.

· For a demonstration of Privus Mobile on a Symbian S60 phone, visit the Privus Mobile channel at
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