Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Features for BlackBerry phones from Privus Mobile

The devs at Privus Mobile are working hard to keep Privus Mobile users happy and the latest update for BlackBerry devices seems to do just that. They've incorporated the same caller name lookup functionality made famous by the iPhone app, iPrivus, into their BlackBerry app.

What does it mean for us end users? More functionality and a shiny new interface of course! Similar to the recent Android update, Privus Mobile's free BlackBerry update enables users to not only know who's calling every time their phone rings, but allows them to seek out the name associated with virtually any phone number they come across. Landline caller ID show up as "unknown?" Friend get a call and doesn't know who it's from and doesn't have Privus Mobile? Simply input the number in the new, easy-to-use Privus Mobile interface on your phone and it'll pop up almost instantly.

No more guessing. And don't forget the best part: The update is completely free so head over to www.privusmobile.com, the BlackBerry App World on your phone or one of the many online retailers with the app and grab it.

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