Thursday, December 17, 2009

Top 5 Themes to Refresh Your BlackBerry

With all the news about the new 9700 or 8530, some BlackBerry users out there might feel a little discouraged because you’ve still got another year or two left on your contract before you can take advantage of the full subsidized pricing. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. You can easily freshen up any older BlackBerry with a new paintjob courtesy of the theme settings on your phone!

If you need some help downloading and installing themes, I recommend you check out the tutorial on as it’s pretty simple and comprehensive or you can check out the video below and learn from an eight-year-old. Once you’ve got the theme on the device, just go to" Options" on the Applications page and choose “Themes.” One thing to note: Any applications you may have moved to different folders or hidden in the Applications page will automatically move out of the folders when you choose a new theme and default back to the Applications page. While it can be a pain to have to redo everything, you can make it work to your benefit by creating custom button layouts or separate themes for business and personal use.

1.    HTC Crossbar – EThemes is one my favorite theme makers! Not only do their themes look great, but everything they make seems to introduce new features and functions to your BlackBerry! Their take on HTC is no different. Available for 9000+ series devices and 89XX series, this theme is a great mixture of the uncompromising performance and functionality of a BlackBerry with the beauty and simplicity that HTC has brought to Windows Mobile with its TouchFlo UI. Make sure to pay attention to the instructions to get the theme up and running at full speed.

2.    iBerry – If you’re constantly being tempted by the iPhone’s colorful icons and simplistic layout but can’t live without your precious BlackBerry keyboard (or multitasking), then this might be just the theme for you. iBerry combines Apple’s iconic layout without causing your BlackBerry to suffer from the same battery fatigue of the iPhone. You’re getting the best of both worlds with this one, which might be why it’s still the best selling theme on CrackBerry.

3.    In the Know (Hidden Today) – Not all themes are meant to make your device more aesthetically pleasing. In the Know doesn’t use any fancy icons or intriguing button arrangements; it’s main purpose is to provide you with more information. If you’re willing to sacrifice some of your control over where certain icons go, it can completely change how you use your homescreen and maybe even your phone.

By arranging icons a certain way on your homescreen, you enable Hidden Today to display a wealth of additional information when you highlight over them. For example, when you highlight over your e-mail account inbox, it will display the last few messages you’ve received in the center of the screen rather than forcing you to click through to read the new messages. It does the same thing for SMS, MMS, call logs and your calendar.

4.     AppleBerry – While In the Know sacrifices aesthetic enhancement for functionality, AppleBerry takes a cue from its principle innovation and is all about aesthetics. While it won’t offer you any real enhancements to the already tried-and-true BlackBerry operating system (unless you have a Storm or 8900 to use the Stacks! feature), it will bring the always-beautiful OS X feel to your BlackBerry.

5.    MINI Coop "B" Series – This theme is just cool. Another one from EThemes, this will completely redesign your homescreen to incorporate the Mini Cooper’s famous in-car aesthetic into your BlackBerry. Incorporating a unique design, function as well as support for QuickLauncher, this theme is the perfect combination of function and form for any Mini Cooper driver, enthusiast or admirer. Sadly, it only works for the Bold, but it’s the perfect way to get over the fact that you still can’t upgrade to the 9700.

If you’re using an 8000-series BlackBerry and still want to show off your love for Mini Cooper, you can always download this slightly less impressive, but still unique Mini Cooper theme.

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