Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So What's the Big Deal About the AT&T MicroCell's Expanded Availability

We’ve all seen the AT&T and Verizon commercials taking direct hits at one another, each claiming to have more wide-spread 3G coverage than the other. Unfortunately for all the major players in wireless service, AT&T took a big step in proving their superiority in 3G coverage with the introduction of the Cisco-built MicroCell.

You may remember the introduction of Sprint’s version of the same device nearly a year ago. As impressive as it was, AT&T’s MicroCell raises the bar for fast, reliable 3G coverage within the home. Simply put the MicroCell works - and now it works for a lot more people. With amazingly clear reception and strong 3G coverage, you could crotch down in the most notorious spot for poor coverage and still experience the superior performance of this device.

The most significant advantage the MicroCell has over Sprint’s device is data support. Meaning customer’s who use handsets that are not capable of handling WiFi will still deal with sluggish email and web surfing. The MicroCell provides strong 3G coverage anywhere in the home. So, if you’ve been longing to buy an iPhone or any other AT&T 3G smartphone but haven’t done so because of the poor signal reception in your home, the wait is over. Not to mention you'll be getting your Privus Mobile Caller ID display in every room of your house thanks to the increase in 3G reception.

The suspense of knowing the downside of AT&T’s MicroCell is probably killing you at this point. Good news to the downside, it has nothing to do with the performance. However, you may want to consider what room you plan on placing this device in. First of all, the size can be a bit surprising. The MicroCell is nearly double the size of an average WLAN router. Aside from its sheer bulkiness, this thing could rival Clorox bleach for the “whitest of whites” title. To make it even more obvious, the MicroCell has to be near a window and only a few feet away from your wireless router. Be proud to own a MicroCell, because there’s no hiding this device from house guests.

Nonetheless, the AT&T MicroCell is a must have for those looking to alleviate the frustration of spotty 3G service in the home. And in case you doubt the simplicity of the MicroCell in terms of setup, you should know that setup is complete in three easy steps.

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