Tuesday, June 22, 2010

AT&T Looks to Android to Help with Network Problems

AT&T just launched an Android version of its Mark the Spot app, which lets customers report the precise location where they dropped a call, had no coverage or had a failed call. The idea behind this app is that AT&T can track and improve their services.

Everyone in the tech community has known about the problem AT&T has had with dropped calls but it is good to see that they are trying to do something about it. Mark the Spot records the data where customers received poor cell phone service and sends it to the provider. With the data AT&T might just be able to do something about their constant drop calls.

iPhone users have had their own version of Mark the Spot for several months now, and that information has actually helped improve coverage in places. AT&T Android users may want to familiarize with the app because they may end up spending quite a bit of time with it until things improve further.

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