Monday, July 19, 2010

Windows Phone 7 is preparing for takeoff

Microsoft has officially released a preview of the new Windows Phone 7 operating system to developers and other partners in order to generate feedback and put the final touches on its user interface. The OS, which has reportedly been issued on Asus, LG and Samsung handsets, has already generated reviews from several mobile bloggers, and opinions seem to be pretty positive so far.

All in all, it seems that Microsoft has succeeded in creating an operating system with every bit as much functionality as the other mainstream OS’s while maintaining its own personal spin on features and producing an original UI, coined “Metro,” with little borrowed from its iOS and Android counterparts. Check it out for yourself in this clip from Engadget.

Developers still have a few months to mull over the updates as the OS is not scheduled for release until the holiday season. Still, it is rumored that Microsoft is already offering financial incentives for app developers to get to work on beefing up its app storefront. Microsoft is going to have a tough time catching up to Apple and Google in the app department, but it’s possible that its interface will attract business from consumers who are loyal to other Microsoft products such as Office or Exchange, are looking for a change from the now-standard grid application list started by Apple or are migrating away from OS’s that are losing market share such as Symbian.

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