Monday, November 21, 2011

Four Must-Have Holiday-Survival Applications

Say hello to delicious food and family gatherings; the holiday season is here! But, before you rush off to grab your wrapping paper and winter sweaters, check your applications.

This season, your smartphone can be your best friend. Besides sharing pics on Facebook or checking email, think outside the box. What else can your smartphone do? Try step by step instructions for cooking Thanksgiving dinner or finding the least expensive gas station closest to you. Here are our top four must-have holiday applications!

Chow: Thanksgiving Dinner Coach will guide even the most amateur chef through the process of cooking the big bird (say goodbye to your mother-in-law’s endless turkey tips). The application, which is available for iPhone and Android, provides step-by-step directions with tutorials and pictures for roasting the turkey. No need to scour cookbooks, the application even supplies a shopping list and cooking times based on the size of the bird. It can’t get much better than that!

TGIBlack Friday will come in handy post-Thanksgiving feast (let someone else do the dishes, you prepared the turkey!). The application, also available on iPhone and Android, displays Black Friday shopping deals from all the top retailers. You can even build a specific list for each person in your family.

If you plan on traveling in the car over the holidays, GasBuddy will provide you a list of the least expensive gas stations nearest you. Crossing state lines can sometimes mean more than an accent change—don’t get stuck paying astronomical gas prices.

Who can forget ESPNScore Center? With so many BIG football games taking place over the holidays you don’t want to miss a beat. ESPNScore Center will send updates to your phone each time your favorite team scores a touchdown, just make sure the Missus doesn’t catch you checking it during her family’s holiday party.

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