Friday, March 23, 2012

With its game, Swine Flew, Privus Mobile brings fun and flying pigs to iPhone owners

In the mobile gaming world, pigs are one trending topic (see Angry Birds). In fact, gamers can’t seem to get enough of the squealing animal. So what better way to satisfy our fans than to develop a game with flying pigs?! We are so excited to introduce our brand new mobile game, Swine Flew! Because it’s our first game, and we love our readers, we’re giving you an inside look into to the game!

Swine Flew is an addictive game of skill and chance that’s sure to provide you with hours of fun. Featuring flying swine traveling above scenic farmland, players aim to eliminate each pig one by one with the ammunition from one enemy pig. Swine Flew is different from other games because players don’t need to start at level one. In fact, players can start at level 12 and attempt to eliminate as many as 13 pigs. Each level brings a more challenging test of players’ reflexes.

iPhone owners can download Swine Flew from Apple’s App store or iTunes and begin the exciting game in a matter of seconds. We’re offering one free ad-supported application and another without the ads for 99 cents. Both can be downloaded by visiting the App Store on any compatible iOS device.

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