Monday, April 9, 2012

Four Tips to Save Your Wet Smartphone

Whether you’ve dropped your phone in the tub, toilet or swimming pool, you know the frustration that accompanies losing your smartphone. In fact, an online study showed that one in five people have dropped their phone in the toilet. 

Because this is such a common scenario we’re sharing several tips and tricks that can help save your smartphone if dropped in water.*
  1. First, get in there and get it out! Whether it’s a pool or a washing machine, you have to retrieve the device. Once you do, immediately remove the battery and SIM card. Do not turn the device on. This can cause short circuits that are irreversible. Be sure to dry the battery off as quickly as possible.
  2. With a soft towel or cloth (not paper towels because particles of the paper may stick inside your phone) gently wipe the water off of the keypad, screen and battery area.  Be sure to avoid the hairdryer. Heating your phone can be just as harmful as dropping it in water. Some recommend putting the phone near a dehumidifier or on top of a cable box. Both will draw out the water.
  3. Grab a big bowl and fill it with white or brown rice. We strongly discourage using rice with flavoring or seasoning because it could get stuck in your phone.  Stick your phone face down in the rice for at least 48 hours; the rice will absorb the water. After 48 hours take it out of the rice and turn it on. If the device does not turn on, return it to the rice for another 24 hours. Continue until you pull your hair out until you feel that your phone has had enough. 
  4. Try using a compressed air can like the ones sold at computer stores. Hold the can straight up and down when spraying your phone. Holding it sideways, upside down or at an angle will discharge a freezing liquid damaging your phone further. Spray the air into speaker, microphone, keypad and hard-to-reach crevices.

Your phone may look like this now, but...
Throw it in some rice and you could end the week looking like...

If these tricks don’t work you have several options. One, you can wait it out, there have been occasions where smartphones come back to life two weeks after taking the plunge, try leaving your phone in rice for a few days. Also, check with the store where you purchased the phone. They can sometimes judge whether a not a smartphone is kaput or not. You might just need a new battery. Two, purchase a new one. Check to see if you’re eligible for an upgrade. If not, try purchasing a refurbished phone. They’ve already been pre-approved by the carrier and have limited wear and tear.

Finally, living without a smartphone isn’t fun or easy, we know, but patience is the key in this situation.  Remember, it’s important to take the time to repair your phone because there is no easy fix for water-damaged phones. To hold you over, consider pulling out an old phone and using it until your smartphone is up and running again. Carriers can usually set up one of your old phones on a temporary basis. 

Have a trick that saved your smartphone? Please share with us!

*Disclaimer: We can’t guarantee these tips will save your phone because some water damage is irreversible. 

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