Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Caller ID goes hands-free with Privus Mobile for BlackBerry v4.0

Privus Mobile, the first company to offer true Caller ID for mobile phones, is about to release their newest update for BlackBerry, Privus Mobile version 4.0. The update, which will be available through BlackBerry App World, Handango or www.privusmobile.mobi, maintains the features available on previous versions such as the reverse caller name look-up application, and adds text identification as well as the audible announcement of names as a call or text message is being received.

The upgrade is a big step for BlackBerry users as the previous versions displayed the name of a caller after the call ended and version 4.0 provides real-time identification as the call is coming in through the new voice announce feature. In addition, the ID is audible, rather than just words on a screen, providing the user with hands-free knowledge of callers without having to look at the phone. This means no digging through purses for phones, safer mobile use while driving and the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly who is on the other end of a line when you’re receiving a call.

The Privus Pack, which includes all features of the application—Caller ID, Text ID, Voice Cue and Reverse Caller Name Look-up—can be downloaded directly onto your BlackBerry as a 10-day free trial.

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conference call said...

Now that is going to be wicked.can't wait for the update though.i have to admit, it was getting a bit annoying always checking the the phone before picking my calls.this sounds so convenient.