Tuesday, August 31, 2010

4G is Good 4Go

Sprint has released its second 4G phone, the Samsung Epic, legitimately establishing that 4G is really starting to catch on. The network is far ahead of other carriers on this front, having released the first 4G handset, another handset to back it up and bringing its 4G network to 36 cities already. With all this time and money Sprint’s putting into WiMAX, and with AT&T and Verizon pouring even more money into LTE networks, it’s safe to say that a predominantly 4G mobile industry is not far away.

The Samsung Epic, part of the Samsung Galaxy line, features a 4” OLED screen, 1 GHz processor and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. It also has a front-facing camera for video chat or pictures. This combination provides for a higher-quality experience when it comes to handling multimedia files and processing. It seems Samsung left no stone unturned on this one, setting the bar pretty high for other handset manufacturers currently working on other 4G projects.

Apart from higher quality of service and increased reliability of connection, a 4G network means that Privus Mobile’s Caller ID for smartphones will experience some enhancements as well. While this service currently provides information regarding callers to smartphones on GSM networks while the call is coming in, all smartphones with 4G service will be able to use this feature whether the phone is on a CDMA or GSM network.

Interested in the Samsung Epic 4G? Check out some reviews below.

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