Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Privus Mobile introduces free caller lookup app for iPhone in time for major switch

Just in time for the Apple iPhone’s big debut on a network other than AT&T, Privus Mobile has introduced a free, advertising-supported version of its iOS application, iPrivus Caller Lookup. Like Apple, this is Privus’ first substantial expansion in availability of iPrivus since it first became available in 2009.

The app, available for download through Apple’s App Store, allows users to input a phone number and see its associated name. The new, ad-supported version allows users to enjoy the great benefits of the app without paying a monthly fee.

As thousands of people are set to make the big switch over to a new iPhone handset with Verizon, the process of transferring data to a new handset may be time consuming and many contacts may not transfer between devices. Because Verizon doesn’t have the convenience of a SIM card, iPrivus Caller Lookup proves beneficial for those people who depend on their iPhones for work, family and other important parts of their lives where it’s crucial to have access to reliable Caller ID features.

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