Friday, July 15, 2011

Lord of the Birds: Angry Birds invades the mobile gaming world

Who thought that a game with angry birds flying into walls and killing green pigs would provide hours of entertainment for millions of people. “Rovio’s Angry Birds” has become an overnight hit sensation with smartphone owners. Since its debut in December 2009, the game has been downloaded more than 250 million times, which is surprising considering the total number of combined iPhone and Android users is approximately 255 million.
Clearly, the game is addicting! In fact, I can personally attest to it.
The game is challenging. Each level introduces you to more challenges and different types of birds. The birds are angry because the green pigs have taken their eggs. At each level the goal is the same: kill as many pigs as possible and get to the new level. Let’s not forget, players can also accrue points.
What earns points? Hitting parts of their barricades earns points, defeating a pig is also worth points and for each bird you don’t use, you get 10,000 points (the currency is a bit high in this game). But, you can only destroy a pig by projecting angry birds at their barricades, which are set up to “protect” the pigs.
Exact calculations, concentrated strategy and extreme dedication are required if you intend on winning the game. Each level becomes increasingly harder as new birds are added along with various “slinging” methods. At the higher levels birds begin to explode and multiply.
Think you can play one time just to “test it out?” Wrong. This isn’t just another mobile phone game. Yes, Bejeweled was challenging, but Angry Birds will test your patience and reflexes. If you have an iPhone or Android, I strongly recommend this game. Whether you are riding home on the metro, sitting at a doctor’s office or waiting to pick up your kids from school, this game will provide you hours of fun.
The price of the game differs from platform to platform. For example, on the iOS and Android platforms, Angry Birds costs 99 cents. However, if you own a Nokia phone, it is $1.99. If you want to download Angry Birds as a computer game it is $4.95. The 3-D version of the game is rumored to be premiering soon. But, it doesn’t end there. Angry Birds is now available as a computer game, board game and tablet application.
Angry Birds has proved to be much more than a mobile gaming app. It shows that a game created strictly for a mobile device can present additional competition in the entire gaming world, including computer and board games.

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