Monday, August 1, 2011

Mobile users can keep an eye on who is calling loved ones with Family Guard application

Over the years, we have had an overwhelmingly positive response to our Caller ID application because of the extra security it offers. However, as the smartphone market continues to expand, we noticed a change in the security needs of smartphone users, primarily among parents, guardians and their children.

It’s no secret that kids are social media savvy, technology-inclined, computer whizzes. In fact, more often than not, they know what’s going on before we do! But, as more children acquire smartphones it’s becoming even more important for parents and guardians to install an extra layer of security in order to protect them. With our new application, Family Guard, parents and guardians can monitor the incoming calls their child or loved one receives.

The technology behind our other applications was adapted to create Family Guard. For example, when a phone call or text message is received, information regarding the incoming call is displayed on the handset (applications even have the option of audible alerts which announce the name of the sender for truly hands-free caller ID). With Family Guard, not only does the application identify the caller to the phone’s user, but it will also send a copy of the caller’s information to the designated parent or guardian’s monitoring the phone. Parents and guardians register their handset, along with their loved ones.

With our new Family Guard application, your loved one’s security is safe. The Family Guard application is available for download on devices supported by Android, Windows Mobile 6 and BlackBerry operating systems. The application only needs to be installed on the monitored device, while the guardian’s phone just needs to receive text messages or email. The app requires a monthly subscription fee comparable to landline caller ID services and can be downloaded by visiting on a compatible smartphone.

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