Thursday, May 17, 2012

Keeping Kids Safe this Summer with Smartphone Apps

Summer is only a few weeks away, and while kids are ready to spend long days playing outside with their friends, parents are trying to arrange activities to keep them busy and safe.  Between scheduling summer camps and play dates, parents can ensure their child is safe throughout summer by taking the time to install smartphone applications to their child’s phone. From helpful location-tracking applications to caller ID, a smartphone can keep kids in touch with parents and out of trouble. Just in time for summer, we have the latest tips for parents to keep their kids safe this summer.

1.      GPS Tracking: Parents can keep an eye on adventurous children by installing GPS tracking applications on their child’s smartphone. Kids can travel safely around town without worrying about an overprotective parent accompanying them to every activity while on-the-go parents can remain focused at work or at home without second guessing their child’s location.
2.       Weather Applications: Summertime brings warm temperatures, unexpected thunderstorms and high exposure to the sun. Kids who aren’t prepared for excessive sun exposure or occasional storms can be caught in situations that compromise their health. Installing a weather application on your child’s phone can help them stay on top of the weather in your area. Plus, push-notifications allow kids to know if a storm is moving their way without ever checking the application.
3.       Privacy Applications: Whether they are wandering the mall with friends or hanging out at the local park, kids will exchange phone numbers with plenty of people this summer. Sometimes new acquaintances lead to great friendships, other times they lead to inappropriate text messages or random callers. Parents can install an entire line of caller ID applications that monitor who is calling or texting their child. If a child is of driving age, Text ID and Voice Cue applications announce the name of the person trying to contact them. Either way, parents can rest assured that their child is safe with privacy applications installed on their phone.

 To maximize summer fun for kids, remember to apply lots of sunscreen, wear a hat and eat lots of popsicles! 

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