Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Four Essential Summer Olympics Smartphone Apps

Who could forget Michael Phelps’ famous seventh gold medal win in the 100-meter butterfly final in Beijing? Phelps won by the thinnest of margins, 0.01 of a second, which was incredible to watch! With narrow victories and nail-biting events, just like Phelps’, this year’s Olympic Games are sure to be one of the most exciting ones yet. In anticipation of the games, we’ve gathered a few smartphone apps that will make watching the games even more exciting. As the Olympics progress, let us know which one is your favorite!
  1. BBC Olympics app: While NBC is the official network carrying the Olympics for Americans, BBC is Britain’s main news network reporting on the games. Their free app, which is available on iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices, provides users a text-based rundown of the current events and scores. Live updates and commentary from BBC reporters and Olympians are also included in the app. Users can find a breakdown of the number of medals won by each country. Plus, the app is location-based! So, if you’re checking it from the U.S. it will include more news and updates about the U.S. team.
  2. NBC 2012 Summer Olympics app: With free, live streaming of the games from NBC’s Olympic app, you won’t miss anything! Whether you’re operating from an iPhone or an iPad, the app is very video-focused. Users can tap into NBC’s social media profiles to see updates and interviews with athletes as well as scheduled events. However, we noted that the app isn’t 100-percent free. To watch all of the videos users must verify their cable and/or satellite subscription. Perhaps the coolest element of the app is the push notifications, where users can receive updates about their favorite sports or athletes. 
  3. Curly’s Pocket Guide to Sports: Available on iOS devices, this app has information about each sport and its associated rules. If you’re planning to watch a sport you don’t know a lot about—aka archery—this app lays out the guidelines and rules in a witty way and even adds in some interesting trivia! 
  4. The 2012 Team USA app: The official app released by the U.S. Olympic Committee offers several of the same features as the three previous apps. Just like NBC, they ask that you verify your cable and/or satellite subscription before you can watch videos. One of the most fun elements of this app is the “cheer” button, which lets users send a personal message to athletes on Facebook and Twitter. Users can also purchase Team USA gear and even donate to help support the team, from within the app. Some have noted that the news tab loads slowly. 
Whether it’s from your phone or television, we hope you enjoy all of your favorite sports! Let us not forget to send a big hip-hip-hooray to Team USA!

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