Friday, August 15, 2008

Calling Name Display Pricing

Want to see the calling name on your smartphone? Like most phone applications, mobile Caller ID has a price. Luckily, Privus Mobile makes it affordable for approved smartphone owners to receive calling name display on their device.

As mentioned in the New York Times, Privus Mobile subscription rates average around $8 per month. That’s actually less than the rate Americans are charged for caller ID in their home phone bundles – carriers just choose not to highlight that fact to their customers. Most American homeowners might be surprised to find they are paying an additional $12 per month to see the caller’s name.

With more consumers bypassing landline service all together and opting for just mobile phone service, Privus Mobile lets you affordably reconnect with the comfort of Caller ID. To experience Privus Mobile on your smartphone, Click Here to download this free trial.

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