Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Official Word from Steve Ballmer

In a recent Strategic Update Meeting, Steve Ballmer discussed Windows Mobile current and future standing within Microsoft. In a effort to reinstate confidence, Ballmer confirmed Windows Mobile is one of its core seven businesses with 2,000 employees and nearly a billion dollars in yearly operating expenses. Ballmer also went on to explain despite trailing Symbian and RIM as well as stiff competition from Apple and Android – the low price point of some Windows Mobile devices will prove to be a positive for its software.

Sad news cometh for all your Zune-heads out there; Ballmer squelched rumors of a Zune phone stating, “Microsoft will not manufacture its own phone. Microsoft will remain focused on the software side of business, producing a platform that can run on different devices and different carriers.”

So there you have it folks. Enjoy this year’s Windows Mobile 6.5 and let’s hope Microsoft pulls through with Windows Mobile 7 and knocks our socks off! Ballmer said that Microsoft plans on releasing WM7 in 2010, which is far earlier than anyone anticipated considering WM6.5 devices won’t be coming out until mid-to-late (mostly late) 2009.

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