Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Samsung TouchWiz

Surprise, surprise! Another phone manufacturer’s getting touchy. Samsung will launch an impressive new finger-friendly touch interface, the TouchWiz. Word on the street is Samsung’s UI is quite pleasing for thine eye with new 3D effects, enhanced haptic feedback and new gesture and voice controls. Got a soft spot in your heart for widgets? You’ll be happy to hear that this new UI comes with a widget dock, allowing you to easily manage a variety of friendly downloadables. The TouchWiz is also said to incorporate face recognition technology into its Photo Contact feature which adds an extra dose of cool. Can’t wait to get a better look at MWC next week!

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Tercetual said...

Oooh LaLa I am Really loving this phone! As simply as it looks to me, I can agree with the world when we say this phone looks HOT! But, what it all really comes down to is reception. A phone can have So many applications on it and do so many things, but in essence the purpose of having a cell phone is to make a phone call from point "A" to point "B" am I right or Am I right? In regards to which company is the best, who knows?! That all depends on where you are and whose your service provider and of course where you live. Because a lot of people who live in certain rural areas don't get as great of a reception as other people do. Do some research and you'll have the best time with your phone, I know I am! :)
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