Thursday, February 5, 2009

Samsung leaks its newest fancy device

Samsung’s newest device, the Acme i8910, is loaded with high-end features sure to get a lot of attention at MWC in just a few days (at least we’re hoping it makes an appearance at MWC.) What high-end features am I speaking of? Well, I’m so very glad you asked. The Acme is said to have HD video recording capabilities. In addition to this tasty technological nugget, this new Samsung device utilizes an HDMI port, which combined with its DivX capabilities will make for a real portable multimedia player than can easily be attached to an HDTV. Oh, so you got some great footage of your friend, Bill, falling flat on his back after attempting to show-off? Let’s plug that Samsung Acme into my flatscreen and watch it over and over in HD while pointing and laughing!

The phone also offers a built-in GPS receiver, Wi-Fi, a 3.5mm jack, DNLA support and a sleek exterior. The Acme is said to come in two versions – 8GB and 16GB. We’re definitely on the lookout for this little slice of Samsung pie.

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