Tuesday, November 17, 2009

BlackBerry 9700 available at T-Mobile, set to launch on AT&T Nov. 22

The BlackBerry 9700 (aka Bold 2) made its way into the hands of lucky Berry lovers on T-Mobile yesterday. If you like to live your mobile life without strings attached, you should read about the fancy contract-free options T-Mobile is offering with the 9700 here. AT&T is still holding strong to a Nov. 22 release of the 9700 for its non-business customers, but don’t worry! We hear stores are fully stocked and ready to go. If you have an upgrade available on either T-Mobile or AT&T, I highly recommend getting one of these bad boys. The cumbersome trackball has been replaced with a trackpad, the beveled edges and sweet faux-leather battery cover give the device a much sleeker look and overall the device runs faster and smoother than any BlackBerry yet.

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