Friday, November 13, 2009

Samsung Behold II Coming to T-Mobile Nov. 18

The Samsung Behold II is definitely coming to T-Mobile on Nov. 18 and Engadget gives us a little preview before this Android device gets a serious hands-on. Samsung has definitely laid its own brand of pizzazz over the Android 1.5 OS via its signature TouchWiz UI. In its current state, TouchWiz seems to slow down the operating system a bit – which is something that could pose a problem for users who fill up their smartphones rather easily. However, the build seems to be solid with quality materials and nice tactile front-facing buttons. Another noted feature was the camera button on the side of the device that focuses when pressed halfway down – just like a real camera! Samsung brings us a nice but standard Android option, and if T-Mobile has any sense, it wouldn’t even think about pricing this little baby over $199. More details to come.

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gift ideas said...

Be interesting to see how this thing's virtual interface stacks up. I'm really pretty sick of my G1's putrid inability to maintain ANY resemblance of decent battery life and I actually can't wait to get away from this sickly thing...though I'm not fond of adding onto my commitment to T-Mo.