Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"HTC Passion" image spurs a flurry of speculation

Smartphone blog posts are beginning to look like a daytime soap opera. New rumors. New names. One ongoing saga. Let’s rejoin the HTC storyline. There is an image of an HTC device circulating the blogs today, and this image is speculated to be Verizon’s HTC Passion aka Dragon (aka Android version of the HD2). The HD2 also has a U.S. Windows Mobile 6.5 version (codenamed Leo) heading to T-Mobile in Q1 of 2010. Confused yet? Needless to say this image could be a shot of any of these HTC devices.

I don’t know about you, but the only thing the above image tells me is the device runs HTC’s Sense UI and was taken underneath a fluorescent office light. I can’t make out the device, nor can I tell if it is an Android device. For all we know this could be a shot of the HTC Hero, which HTC made an announcement at the end of October that it was currently working hard to make its Sense UI compatible with the Android 2.0 (éclair) update. Perhaps the anonymous tipster (whom lives in Baltimore and currently enjoys the mostly cloudy, 61-degree weather) told BGR the image provided was in fact a shot of the HTC Passion. For now we’ll just take the image as pure speculation. If it is indeed an image of HTC’s Sense UI running in conjunction with Android 2.0, well then we will cross our fingers for the update to make its way to the HTC Droid Eris soon.

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