Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Privus Mobile Launches New Enterprise Service for Businesses

Privus Mobile, the premiere mobile Caller ID application that business professionals, sales representatives and real estate agents can’t function without, is launching a new corporate enterprise service. Privus Mobile has set the standard for mobile Caller ID and now is making it easier for business professionals and entire sales teams to benefit from Caller ID screening and caller name lookup services on company smartphones.

Companies and sales teams of all sizes who take advantage of Privus Mobile’s special volume licensing rates and support for IT deployment will be able to easily push the service out without having to purchase it for each individual phone. Corporate enterprise customers will be able to dramatically improve customer service, strengthen sales leads and better manage daily tasks with the ability to see the full caller details of incoming calls from unknown numbers. They also can input any complete phone number and quickly receive the name and company name of the person registered to the number with Privus Mobile.

To top off the launch of its new corporate enterprise service, Privus Mobile also received the AT&T Enterprise Solution Certification and can now be found in the AT&T Certified Solutions Catalog. AT&T tested, certified and approved Privus Mobile’s placement alongside its other trusted enterprise applications.

We’ve all enjoyed increased privacy and control with mobile Caller ID, and now Privus Mobile is sharing the wealth and making it simple for all professionals to experience the luxury of better call management. If you’ve been missing out on mobile Caller ID, you can download the complete application with a 10-day free trial on your smartphone through Privus Mobile’s mobile site at www.privusmobile.mobi, the BlackBerry App Store or any of the numerous mobile application dealers, including Handango, Handmark and Mobile2Day.

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