Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Privus Mobile Impresses Judges at CTIA Wireless

It should come as no surprise that Privus Mobile, our beloved mobile Caller ID application for smartphones, impressed judges at the recent CTIA wireless convention in Las Vegas. The company entered AT&T’s fifth annual “Open Call – Apps For All!” contest and was chosen as a semifinalist to present their Caller ID application to a panel of judges at CTIA Wireless 2010. The contest, designed to identify the country’s most innovative wireless applications, was divided into four categories: Brew Mobile Platform (BMP), Android, Java & RIM, and an “Open” category reviewing applications and content of all platforms. Privus Mobile finished in the Top 20 at the Open Call contest and placed in the Top 5 in the Java & RIM category. You can view the full press release from Privus Mobile here.

As a first time entry, Privus Mobile earned a top ranking among hundreds of talented developers with its simplistic, accurate and useful design. As part of its demonstration, Privus Mobile showcased how the application works to identify all calls from unknown numbers on smartphones and how easy it is to lookup caller information and save it in the contacts list. The judges and conference attendees at CTIA wireless were able to see firsthand the true luxury of having better call management with Privus Mobile, an application that many of us have been enjoying since its 2008 launch.

The “Open Call - Apps For All!” contest was open to any developer who wished to present new and exciting applications that may ultimately find their way into the handsets of AT&T’s wireless customers. As you may already know, Privus Mobile works on more than 30 devices on AT&T's network as well as major operating systems such as Apple, RIM, Symbian S60, Android and Windows Mobile. Smartphone users can download the complete application with a 10-day free trial on their devices through Privus Mobile’s mobile site at www.privusmobile.mobi, the BlackBerry App Store or any of the numerous mobile application dealers. Additionally, Privus Mobile’s iPhone application, iPrivus, can be found at Apple’s App Store.

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