Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Privus Mobile Launches Enterprise Service and Volume Licensing

Pretty interesting development from our favorite mobile Caller ID provider (and sponsor): The app developer has just opened up it’s a new service offering specifically for enterprise customers and got AT&T’s blessing to coincide with the launch! Now, entire companies can deploy Caller ID to all of its users smartphones with special volume licensing rates. Privus also opened up new support options for IT deployments as part of their new enterprise services.

Overall, it’s a pretty interesting development for the application and something that I think a lot of businesses could benefit from. With so many professionals switching to their mobile being their primary lifeline, Privus becomes necessary rather than just convenient. Throw in AT&T’s recent Enterprise Solutions Certification for the app and you’ve got a pretty nice, trustworthy package to provide to sales staff.

You can check out additional info on the new services at http://www.privusmobile.com/caller-id-business.html . How many of you are in the same boat as this guy?

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