Sunday, March 27, 2011

Amazon’s Cloud Player, Sounds Like Music to Our Ears

A few days ago, Amazon rolled out its very own music-streaming service conveniently dubbed the Amazon Cloud Player which has since hit a high note with services like Google who’s also rumored to have a cloud-based music application in the works. Amazon customers in the U.S. can upload their MP3 purchases to a 5GB cloud space, which is upgradable to a one-year 20GB plan for free upon purchasing an MP3 album, with additional plans starting at $20 a year. This free-of-charge service makes for seamless, on-the-go access to music files anywhere a user has an Internet connection, including personal computers, Macs and any Android-powered smart phone. Users can listen to music downloaded from Amazon on Cloud Player for Web, upload music from their personal libraries or enjoy music on the Amazon MP3 with Cloud Player application for Android smart phones.

Whether downloading from Amazon or uploading from personal files, playing it from an Android device or streaming from the cloud, Amazon’s Cloud Player is simple  to  use, easy to manage and releases music from device space constraints. Start listening right away--music is automatically available in the Android music player. We like the sound of that!

Technical Details
  • Amazon Cloud Player and Amazon Cloud Drive are available for U.S. customers only. 
  • App upgrade is only available for Android OS 1.6+
  • PDF and video content is currently not available for purchase on the Amazon MP3 Android app
Check out the video on Amazon’s Cloud Player for more information on how to get streaming:

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