Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Privus Mobile's Favorite Business-Friendly Apps for Androids

It’s finally happened. Android has surpassed Research in Motion’s BlackBerry to become the most popular smart phone in the United States. With more users migrating toward Android smart phones, it’s safe to assume users expect not only the technologically-savvy and cool aspects of an Android, but also that the device be able to accommodate their on-the-go business functions as well. With scores of apps in the Android Market and countless other features that can be customized on the handset, there are a few apps that can help to optimize Android devices to accommodate business needs in and out of the office.

5 Business-Friendly Apps for Androids

5. Astrid- Simple, but sweet, Astrid is a task-recording dashboard that prioritizes to-do lists into easy-to-manage categories. The simple features of adding tasks, viewing lists and marking completions are great features for helping business users maximize their efficiency and productivity by staying on top of looming tasks.

4. Swype- E-mailing and texting are two very important functions for those who use their handsets for business. Swype takes the difficult act of typing on a small touchscreen and simplifies text entry into a fluid, swipe motion. Users glide over characters on the keyboard, pausing over each letter to spell out words. This application allows for faster, more efficient typing on devices.

3. Dropbox- Although there are several apps available on the Android Market to transfer content between your computer and devices, Dropbox is one of the easiest to use. When on-the-go, having important business documents on hand for immediate access saves time, space and effort.

2. Juice Defender- For those who use their phone for business and have to remain readily available to customers, one of the biggest nightmares is a dead cell phone battery. Juice Defender preserves battery life when the phone is idle. Other power-saving features include: switching from 3G to 2G networks when the phone is not in use and turning off Wi-Fi when the phone battery drops below 20 percent.

1. Privus Mobile- While the previously mentioned apps provide Android users with extra capabilities on their handsets, Privus Mobile adds a feature to smart phones that even most standard landlines already include – true Caller ID. When using an Android device as a central means of business communication, being properly prepared for every call, even from unsaved contacts, ensures customer service levels remain high- even while on the go!

The ability to integrate true Caller ID features into the Android OS allows for seamless mobile communication as it provides the opportunity to increase productivity and sales by removing the hassle from cell phone contact list management. When missing an important phone call could have costly consequences, it pays for professionals to be prepared by knowing who’s calling each and every time.

Now that you have a few cool apps to get your job done while on the move, what are you waiting on? Get out there, and conquer!

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