Friday, March 18, 2011

Sprint’s Android Devices Get Privus Mobile Caller ID Features

It’s been a busy year already for the mobile industry, as the iPhone made its expansion to Verizon, and Android surpassed BlackBerry for the leading spot in the United States’ smart phone market.

While this progress has left many smaller telecom companies in the dust, Privus Mobile is making big splashes with another exciting introduction for its fans. The Caller ID application developer is releasing a free, ad-supported version of its application for Sprint-powered Android smart phones.

Beginning in April, Sprint customers can enjoy the full features of Privus Mobile on their Android devices without the monthly subscription fee.

Privus Mobile for Android Features

  • Caller ID* – Enables the user to see the name associated with any incoming call on their Android smart phone – not just those already in their contacts
  • Text ID – Displays the name of a text message’s sender even if the sender is not saved in a contact list 
  • Voice Cue* – Audibly announces the sender’s name for incoming calls and text messages either from the user’s contact list or from Privus Mobile’s database for senders who are not saved in a contact list
  • Caller Name Look-up – Allows the user to look up the name associated with any telephone number through one of the world’s most comprehensive caller information databases from Accudata Technologies.

For users without Sprint, full versions of Privus Mobile’s applications can be downloaded on any Android-powered device by visiting on your smart phone. In addition to Android, Privus Mobile has apps available for BlackBerry, Apple’s iOS and Symbian smart phones. To check your handset’s compatibility with Privus Mobile, visit

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