Friday, October 30, 2009

In HTC News

If I were HTC I’d be none-too-thrilled that the little ol’ Motorola DROID is getting all the Verizon love. The carrier has yet to officially confirm the Droid Eris’ existence to be exact. Images and specs of the Droid Eris, which is said to launch on Verizon the same day as the DROID, have been sprouting all over the blogsphere today. The Eris will come loaded with a 5-megapixel camera and Wi-Fi capabilities.

HTC has also confirmed it’s currently working on the Sense UI’s compatibility with the Android 2.0 (éclair) update for the Sprint’s Hero, but gave no indication as to when the update would be made available. The HTC Eris is the same device as the Hero (aside from reviews stating the Eris is “lighter, slimmer and faster” than the Hero). It only stands to reason that Verizon’s Eris would get the update along with Sprint’s Hero. That would make the Droid Eris a pretty sweet deal for a mere $99!

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