Monday, October 26, 2009

Today Belongs to BlackBerry

It’s not like this news comes as a surprise, but it’s nice to hear Verizon Wireless made the new BlackBerry Storm2’s arrival official. This Wednesday, Oct. 28 you can stop by your neighborhood Verizon store to pick up the device for $179.99 with the standard 2-year contract

inPulse to ship February 2010
This Bluetooth driven "smartwatch" will bring your incoming calls, emails, text messages, etc. to your wrist via a 1.3-inch OLED display. Bad news this watch is incapable of outgoing communication, but the 007 device has a microUSB port and rechargeable battery (last about 3 days) and a vibrating motor to indicate BlackBerry phone action! I think my favorite perk of the watch would be intercepting incoming caller information and deciding whether or not I would like to get up and walk to the other room to answer my phone. Some call it lazy but I call it technology. The inPulse can be pre-ordered now for $149 and slated for a February ship date.

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