Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Verizon and Google make Android relationship official

It should come as no surprise Thanks to numerous rumors that have been flying around the blogsphere for quite some time now) that Verizon and Google sat down this morning at a joint press conference to announce its partnership. Verizon representatives said the new agreement with Google will “come to fruition within the next few weeks as Verizon Wireless introduces Android-based handsets.” Really? According to Engadget Mobile, Verizon and Google representatives where seen holding the HTC Hero and Motorola Sholes at the press-conference. Why not just announce it? In either case, Android devices will be on Verizon before you know it.

[image source: Engadget Mobile]

Another notable moment in today's press conference was when a question arose about Google Voice. Verizon CEO Lowell McAdams answered, "Yes, I suppose we do. Yes, we will bring that app to market when we do the first device." [Read more] This comes as big news after Apple and AT&T blocked the Google Talk application from the Apple App Store because of AT&T "the application violates both federal call-blocking regulations and net neutrality principles."

The best news is soon Verizon Android users will be able to enjoy true mobile Caller ID on their shiny new devices, thanks to Privus Mobile. As soon as you pick your new Hero or Sholes up from Verizon you’ll probably want to head on over to Handango to get the Caller ID smartphone app. In case you didn’t know, Handango nominated Privus Mobile for the “Best Phone Tool for Android” award. Wanna help us out? Then vote here!

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