Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Making MySpace Mobile

Here at The Wednesday Social, we like to be fair when covering social networking options on phones, so today we’ll give a nod to all the MySpace users who want to remain in the loop, even when away from their desktops.

MySpace recently slipped out of the No. 1 slot for social networking sites, handing over the crown to Facebook, which we covered during the last social. However, let’s not count MySpace out. The popular music and entertainment-centered social networking site is still holding firm in second place and is not looking to relinquish any of its millions of users anytime soon. Keeping consumers in mind, MySpace has several smartphone options.

Blackberry and iPhone both have mobile applications, making it simple to access MySpace while you’re on-the-go. Among the many options available, you can send messages and comments to your friends, check friends’ status updates and moods and upload camera pics straight to your MySpace albums.

Unfortunately for all you Windows Mobile (and other platform) users, MySpace has no official or 3rd party application available to use. MySpace has solved this issue with an alternative access, its MySpace Mobile Website ( This phone-friendly website allows full-access to MySpace users, with status and mood updates, access to your inbox, friend requests, photos and more. However, the Web site can’t upload photos to your MySpace albums from your phone, but you can send messages and comments and add updates from your mobile browser.

With the world turning toward greater mobility and increased access, not to mention a larger interest in social networking, we’re sure more applications like those available for Blackberry phones and the iPhone are in the works. Pretty soon, YourSpace will truly be wherever you are!

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