Friday, September 12, 2008

University of Kentucky Cuts Landlines to Cut Costs

The University of Kentucky turned quite a few heads today when it announced that it will be deactivating landlines throughout all of its dorms. The move comes from a study the university conducted that showed more than 98 percent of the student population cited their cellphone as their primary communications device.

While students are still given the option to have their land lines reactivated, only seven have actually gone through with it. Cutting the cord will save the university over $800,000 each year and enabled it to make over $100,000 in upgrades to the dorm Internet connections.

I ditched my landline a couple years ago and haven’t thought about it twice since. Sure I used to miss some of the features of a landline like Caller ID and unlimited talk times; however, now that I’ve got Privus Mobile, I no longer have to worry about Caller ID. And with almost all carriers offering unlimited nights and weekends, making the leap isn’t nearly as daunting as it used to be.
How many of you have made the plunge to cell-phone-only lifestyle?

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