Monday, September 15, 2008

Teens Behind the Wheel of Mobile Industry Growth

Today’s teens have always known mobility. As such, the teen machine has driven the mobile industry with its current use and future desires for phones. An online study conducted with 2,000 American teenagers found that cell phones are given priority over everything, excluding clothing, as a status symbol. Eighty percent of teenagers carry a wireless device. In the study, over half viewed their phone as entertainment, and 80 percent viewed their devices as mobile safety nets.

Texting is a form of communication created by today’s teenagers, and while to some it may seem like a shorthand, confusing language, it fits the teens’ fast-paced, multi-tasking, always-connected lifestyle. And just like teens have created a worldwide mobile language, look for future devices to be dictated by the wants and needs of this new, young generation. The perfect device for today’s teens would include a phone, MP3 player, GPS, laptop computer and video player all-in-one. But don’t just expect the required – a waterproof, power-regenerating, flexible device that can talk back to you using artificial intelligence might be in the works. Whatever it might be, you can bet that teens are leading the way.

Prototype of a device capable of meeting the five standards
of phone, MP3, GPS, laptop computer, and video player.

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