Friday, September 12, 2008

With Phones, Slim is In

It often amazes me how useful my cell phone can be. I fell into the world of smartphone users for the easy access to email and the Internet, but have found endless opportunities to make my phone work for me. Today’s example: my phone can help keep me fit and healthy.

Iambic announced this week the release of Health & Diet Manager 3.0, available on Windows Mobile and Palm OS. This application, which can synchronize to your Windows PCs, allows you to track food intake, calories and your exercise routine. It also give you access to an extensive food database with menus from popular restaurants. With the added benefit of being able to track of points-related diet plans such as Weight Watchers, keeping in shape and in touch has never been easier.

If you want to skip the application but not the mobile diet, use your cell phone’s web browser to go to Weight Watchers’ new mobile site, compatible with most mobile browsers. This site allows you to calculate points, search for food point values and log activities. Hmm, I wonder how many calories I can burn texting, surfing and talking?

Don’t forget your Fun Friday song of the week: Blondie wants you to call her!

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