Thursday, March 19, 2009

AT&T offering BOGO Samsung devices

AT&T is offering buy-one-get-one Samsungs for new accounts and current customers eligible for upgrade. The Samsung Propel (A767), Samsung Eternity and the brand new Samsung Impression (A877) are included in this outrageous promotion. Want one of these thrifty combos to be yours? Head on over to AT&T to sign the dotted line on a 2-year contract and pat yourself on the back my friend, you’ve just been BOGO’d. The promotion starts April 7.
  • Propel: buy one at $49.99, get one free
  • Eternity: buy one at $149.99, get one free
  • Impression: buy one at $199.99, get one free

[photo credit: BGR]

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