Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sprint offering $125 Referral Rewards

Phone Arena has an anonymous tipster claiming Sprint will be offering $125 for each new referral until the end of March. I checked the Sprint website and found this little "rumor" to be true. Basically, if your girlfriend adds that you referred her to Sprint, you will receive a $100 Sprint Referral Reward Visa debit card after her account has been active for 30 days. Also, your girlfriend will receive a $25 Sprint Reward Visa debit card, so everyone wins! Into Mobile also posted the Sprint referral story and directed me to this link. You now have 27 days left to cash in and recruit up to 12 people for Sprint.


Anonymous said...

If you need a referral email at jere1nc@yahoo.com with name and email. You need to get a phone at sprint.com or at a sprint store…not bestbuy or other retailer to get the referral bonus. You also need to do itby 3/31/2009 to qualify. I can email you more details if you are interested. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

The referral program is completely legitimate and will give you a #25 visa gift card. See the program here:


I would really appreciate it if you used my number for the referral program. Just dial #733 on your newly activated Sprint phone (within 15 days of activation) and follow the directions. The 10 digit number you need to enter is: 5034223143.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy your $25 gift card!!!

Gustavo said...

Referral rewards are programs where you refer a new customer to the company and the company gives you a reward or some kind of discount for doing so. This system will help to bring in more business to the company.