Monday, April 13, 2009

All signs point to Palm Pre release

What’s been going on lately, you ask? A flurry of Palm Pre activity, that’s what! It seems as though Pre training is scheduled to commence shortly for Sprint retail workers along with instruction not to take vacation in May. If you’ll remember, AT&T employees had the same vacation embargo before the iPhone launch. The super-sleuths over at Engadget have seemingly come across a tasty “Sprint planning document” that slates the Pre for a May 16 launch, which leads them to believe we are now looking at a launch sometime between May 17 and June 30.

Let’s stay on the rumor train for a minute and talk about the Pre sighting at this weekends “Bring Your Own Big Wheel Race” in San Francisco. Engadget and BGR both posted photos of two unidentified people whom stated they “weren’t all that blown away by the device at first, but recent updates to the handsets have converted them into satisfied users.” Hmm, I wonder just how long they have been using the magical tiny-keyed device? When asked about a public release, the pair responded, “[we] probably won’t have to wait too much longer.”

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