Monday, April 6, 2009

BlackBerry App World Glich Fixed

Alright folks, after a collaborative effort between the technical support staffs at Privus Mobile and BlackBerry App World, we were able to fix an error within App World’s Privus Mobile application. Apparently, there was a glitch on App World that caused Privus Mobile’s Caller Information service to have trouble running on some BlackBerry devices, despite being downloaded and installed properly. To all you first-time Privus Mobile downloaders, the good news is that the application is now working correctly. However, due to App World’s setup, if you have already downloaded the application you will not receive the update for about seven days. If you would like to get the application installed before the update is available you can go to from your BlackBerry. Take advantage of the free 10-day trial by leaving the registration code blank. Hope this helps!

UPDATE: Also if you purchased and received a registration code, please contact support for an updated code ASAP.

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