Thursday, April 2, 2009

More From CTIA 2009

Windows Mobile Internet Explorer

IE Mobile is getting a sleek makeover to become more touch-friendly. Microsoft is promising quicker rendering speeds and hightened overall performance in general. This new version will come equipped with Flash Lite for video support, and copy and paste. What it won’t come with? There will be no text search, image downloading, tabbed browsing or support for browser add-ons.


Nokia came to CTIA with a line-up of phones to preview including the AT&T E71x, an N86 (originally unveiled in Singapore during MWC in Barcelona), the low end Intrigue and the elusive N97. The N97 was introduced what feels like eons ago, but Nokia says it will be available “sometime in June.” We’re not holding our breath.

[hands-on photos from BGR]

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Nathan said...

The IE browser looks nice, but no image downloading?!? That's kind of a downer since that's where I get most of my cell phone backgrounds.