Monday, November 17, 2008

BlackBerry Storm Launches with Instant Support from Privus Mobile

Well the day we all longed for has finally come. RIM has entered the touchscreen fight with its BlackBerry Storm. While it seems like the company is already moving on to bigger and better, we’re still excited to see how well the newest entry into the touchscreen world pairs up against its biggest hurdle. Luckily, it seems like BlackBerry has an ace up its sleeve right out of the gate. One of the benefits that the Storm, as well as most BlackBerrys, can boast for now is full-featured Caller ID thanks to Privus Mobile’s instant support for the new smartphone.

A free trial for the full-featured Caller ID solution can be found at Privus Mobile’s Web site or on the BerryStore if you’ve already got it up and running. It features before-call Caller ID including the name and number for more than 90 percent of the calls you get from people not in your contact list. In addition, the software allows you to save the person to your contacts list with the press of a button, which is nice when you’re home from the bar and you can’t remember the girl’s exact name as she’s calling you to go out. Was it Lana, Laura, Lara…Sarah? If you’ve got a Storm, it’s one of the cooler apps out there available on launch day. Plus, it’ll give you another thing to show off when everyone starts coming up to you, asking to check out your phone.

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E said...

Actually, it doesn't show ID until the call ends or is missed on Blackberry. Which makes it not even close to being worth the price.