Monday, November 3, 2008

Microsoft + LG = Finally

Some good news out of the Redmond camp! Looks like Microsoft and LG might finally start seeing eye-to-eye on certain smartphones. LG’s had a killer lineup of touchscreen phones lately and the only thing that’s really held them back is their lackluster feature set. I’m sorry but who told LG it was a good idea to allow e-mail, but not Exchange or custom POP/IMAP? That question could become obsolete with a customized Windows Mobile operating system on their handsets.

It might take a little while for us to see the fruits of this new collaboration, but I think it will be more than worth the wait. While I love Samsung and HTC as much as the next guy, it’ll be nice to see someone else get in the mix and offer some solid competition. With Samsung on its third/fourth generation of BlackJack phones, maybe this will give the company a reason to introduce something new. We’ll probably see something by the time the rumored Windows Mobile 6.5 drops, but I’m betting we’ll see a stronger lineup with the Windows Mobile 7 crowd.

Check out the full release and details here.

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