Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Privus Mobile Jumps into the BerryStore and the BlackBerry Bold

Privus Mobile jumped out of the gate today with an announcement just minutes after the BlackBerry Bold’s release from AT&T. The cellular Caller ID provider announced that it is fully compatible with AT&T and RIM’s latest handheld smartphone, the BlackBerry Bold. Additionally, it looks like the service has found its way to the BerryStore, so Bold users have an additional way to get their hands, or fingers, around actual Caller ID for their brand-spankin-new smartphone.

Check out the actual release for a few of the additional details. You can snag a trial download off the Privus Mobile Web site at www.privusmobile.com or off of your handheld at www.privusmobile.mobi. Of course, BlackBerry users can always grab it from the BerryStore.

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