Friday, November 7, 2008

Live Pics of AT&T Quickfire

Boy Genius Report today posted these live pics of AT&T’s new touchscreen/keyboard combo set to hit stores next week. We’re wondering if the Quickfire is merely AT&T’s answer to T-Mobile’s Sidekick, or if it’s just another AT&T smartphone with all the bells and whistles? Either way, it’s packin’ a pretty good price. A contract-free version will run you $300, but after the standard two-year agreement and mail-in rebate, it’s only $99. Not too shabby for 3G messaging, sliding touchscreen, QWERTY keyboard, music player and GPS.

UPDATE: Words going 'round that the Quickfire is coming out of the gate a little early and some lucky shoppers are already bringing this little bundle of joy home today.


Skalter said...

sonny18 said...

i am getting the phone today. any advice on the phone?

Nathan said...

Congrats on picking up the phone! The QuickFire is a text messaging monster so make sure to get unlimited texting on your plan. If you've got any questions or have any trouble, make sure to hit up the AT&T forums as well. Unlike a lot of corporate forums, the AT&T device forums have a really active community with thoughtful posters.

If/when you go to the forums, make sure to look under AT&T(UTStarcom). They don't list it as Quickfire. Alternatively, you can just go to

One thing to note: The Quickfire doesn't come with a data cable and it's not a standard mini-usb port so if you want to transfer pictures, music, etc. between your computer and your phone efficiently, you'll need to pick one up. You can grab one at on sale right now for pretty cheap. It kind of sucks it wasn't included in the box though. You should also be able to use the data cables built for the Sidekick since it's the same phone if you want to search eBay for a cheaper option.

Finally, the default mobile browser on the phone is a little lackluster. If you're planning on taking advantage of the 3G for Internet use, you might look at downloading Opera Mobile or Skyfire. Both of them are free and are great mobile browsers. Of course, you'll need a Media Net package to do this as well. AT&T has a lot of bundled Media Net and text messaging packages and they are cheaper than having to buy a smartphone data plan.

Most of all, have fun!