Tuesday, November 11, 2008

BlackBerry Storm Tattoo?

"I will get a life-size tattoo of a BlackBerry Storm with the CB logo. And below the Storm, I will get iPhones Suck tattooed (which could put me in harms way because me tattoo artist is a DIE HARD iPhone/Apple user. He has 3 Macs at the shop!!) Remember, a tattoo IS FOREVER, fighting a bear is only momentary... lol." -T.J.

Looks like it is BlackBerry for life for T.J. from Toledo, Ohio. The BlackBerry supporter recently won CrackBerry.com’s What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? contest. T.J. beat out more than 3,000 entries with his extreme display of brand loyalty. CrackBerry touts that this feat earns T.J. some serious bragging rights, but even though the stunt is witty and somewhat ironic, couldn’t he have spent the tattoo money on the new Storm? What do you all think? Would you get a BlackBerry tattooed on your cankle for a new phone? Personally, my cankles are reserved for Palm Treos and unicorns.

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